Changes and Opportunities

Kingston, MA
Elgin, ND
Mayflower Church* (Part-time Youth Pastor)
Hope Conservative Congregational Church*
Ruben Sandoval
Ed Zimmerman
Bethune, CO
Greeley, CO
Hebron, CT
Salem, CT
Sharon, CT
Sherman, CT
Parkersburg, IA
LaSalle, IL
Pleasonton, KS
Boston, MA
Easton, MA
N. Brookfield, MA
Saugus, MA
Wilmington, MA
New Haven, MI
Glen Ullin, ND
Mitchell, NE
Grafton, NH
Glenville, NY
Lakeview, NY
Lisle, NY
Chardon, OH
Vermillion, OH
Xenia, OH
Chicora, PA
McClure, PA
Warfordsburg, PA
Chepachet, RI
Follett, TX
Spokane, WA
Superior, WI
Wilton, WI
Hope Congregational Church*
St. Paul’s Congregational Church* (Part-time Associate Pastor)
Hebron Church of Hope*
Congregational Church (Independent) (Part-time Youth Pastor)
Sharon Congregational Church (Independent)
Sherman Congregational Church* (Part-time Youth Pastor)
First Congregational Church* (Teaching & Missions Pastor)
LaSalle Congregational Church
First Christian Church (Independent)
Park Street Church* (Senior Pastor)
Free Evangelical Fellowship (Independent)
North Brookfield Congregational Church*
Cliftondale Congregational Church*
Wilmington Congregational Church (Ev. Free)
First Congregational Church*
Evangelical Congregational Church*
Federated Church*
Millbrook Christian Fellowship*
East Glenville Community Church*
LakevLakeview Community Church*
Center Lisle Congregational Church (UCC)
Hambden Congregational Church*
E & R Church* (Part-time music director/keyboardist)
Mt. Zion Church*
St. Paul’s Community Church*
Mt. Bethel Church*
Whips Cove Church (Independent) (Part-time)
Chepachet Union Church
St John’s Congregational Church* (Part-time)
Plymouth Congregational Church*
Hope Church*
Faith Congregational Church*
A Family Gathering