Board of Directors Update


The Board of Directors met on October 17th via web conference. It marked the first meeting since the July Annual Gathering, with newly elected members in place and the full Board present. Some of the following highlights from the meeting indicate three key areas that are emerging as strategic points of focus this year.

Financial freedom to carry out our God-given mission

The Conference expenses are currently tracking with budget, and while the income is sitting below that, the largest months of members’ support are expected to come with the final quarter of the year. Auditors have also approved the release of $39,000 which was previously restricted. The staff are highly engaged in developing a clear process available for churches in transition who want to creatively find ways to support local church mission within the Conference.

Communication of vision and ministry

The Stewardship Committee reported that they are working toward better communication of the vision and work of the CCCC. The Annual Gathering Committee is already hard at work toward our 2018 gathering at Gordon College in Wenham, MA where we will be getting to celebrate and highlight much of what God is doing among the Conference.

Processes that promote the mission

Training for use of Natural Church Development resources in our churches, the Turning Point process, and the development of online options for equipping our Community Pastors are some of the ways our staff is working toward clear systems that directly promote ministry in our Conference.

May the name of Jesus Christ always be praised through the CCCC and to the ends of the earth.

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