Changes and Opportunities

Pleasonton, KS First Christian Church (Independent)
Douglas Sarver
Chepachet, RI Chepachet Union Church
John Eklund*
Bethune, CO Hope Congregational Church*
Greeley, CO St Paul’s Congregational Church*
(Part-time Associate Pastor)
Hebron, CT Hebron Church of Hope*
Salem, CT Congregational Church*
(Part-time Youth Pastor)
Sharon, CT Sharon Congregational Church (Independent)
Sherman, CT Sherman Congregational Church*
(Part-time Youth Pastor)
Parkersburg, IA  First Congregational Church*
(Teaching and Missions Pastor)
LaSalle, IL LaSalle Congregational Church
Milstadt, IL Zion Evangelical Church (Independent)
(Part-time Director of Christian Education)
Billerica, MA  Community Congregational Church*
Boston, MA  Park Street Church* (Senior Pastor)
Easton, MA  Free Evangelical Fellowship (Independent)
N Brookfield, MA  N Brookfield Congregational*
Peabody, MA  West Congregational Church (Independent)
Salem, MA First Baptist Church (Independent)
Saugus, MA  Cliftondale Congregational Church*
Wilmington, MA  Wilmington Congregational (E Free)
New Haven, MI  First Congregational Church*
Glen Ullin, ND  Evangelical Congregational Church*
Mitchell, NE  Federated Church*
Glenville, NY  East Glenville Community Church
Lakeview, NY  Lakeview Community Church*
Lisle, NY  Center Lisle Congregational Church (UCC)
Vermillion, OH  Vermillion E&R Church *
(Part-time Music director/keyboardist)
Wellington, OH  United Church of Huntington*
(Part-time Youth Pastor)
Xenia, OH  Mt Zion Church*
Chicora, PA  St Paul’s Community Church*
Warfordsburg, PA  Whips Cove Church (Independent(
Spokane, WA  Plymouth Congregational Church*
Wilton, WI  Faith Congregational Church
* = Conference member
Surviving Stormy Times
Save the Date - AG2018 in Wenham, MA