Fit and Flourish in Ministry

by Rob O’Neal, CCCC Director of Church Multiplication

The Northstar Center for Church Multiplication hosted Church Planter Assessment October 10-11 outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota. We gathered at the Mount Olivet Conference & Retreat Center starting Wednesday evening at 5 and finishing Thursday afternoon around 4 pm.

Participants came from around the region, Pennsylvania, and New England. Our goal was to help planters find their “fit and flourish” moment in ministry. Church Planter Assessment doesn’t just answer the question, “Can I plant a church?” It helps candidates think through how they might plant and who they could use on their teams. People considering planting usually find the experience affirming and helpful.

Lately other people have begun to use the training commonly referred to as “The Call” to help them navigate transitions in ministry. The training gives insights on how building a ministry from the ground up based on making disciples. Additionally, it helps participants understand themselves better and think about the gifts they bring to ministry.

Many ministry leaders go through life thinking about what we’re missing in ministry. We fixate on other leaders and think, “If I could only be more like that, then my ministry would be more successful.” We ignore God’s sovereign shaping of our lives and forget that God made us the people we are on purpose!

Participants left the October seminar grounded in their gifts for ministry and ready to face new challenges. Some are preparing to plant churches, and we are excited to work with them in the future. Others are moving jobs and go into their new positions with a greater sense of who God has made them to be. God is good!

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