Short-Term Mission Opportunity in Urban Erie, PA

Church in Development (CID), The Cross | Erie, serves in a zip code with a median household income of just over $10,000. We have enjoyed hearing stories from this mission front, but recently The Cross | Erie has made available the opportunity to join them on well-programmed short-term mission trips in Erie Pennsylvania. This has become an excellent opportunity for many of our CCCC churches to work together with the church multiplication movement.

After launching their short-term mission program last summer, The Cross is now hosting Spring break trips with Cru in Western Pennsylvania and has a number  of weeks available for this summer [2019] for church groups.

This is a great opportunity for our CCCC churches to share life together. Churches have the opportunity to see firsthand what kind of ministry is coming out of the Church Multiplication movement and many of our pastors have shared what a life changing experience it has been for both themselves and their churches. All of the groups that went to Erie last summer are returning again after such a positive experience, and a number of other churches are joining them.

The Cross offers a discount to CCCC churches because of our support in getting them started. More information is available at .

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