WR + CCCC = Y-Malawi

A unique partnership-a global impact

What will it take to change the world? What will it take to change us?

CCCC Partnership from Y-Malawi? on Vimeo.

We recently announced a partnership with World Relief and Y-Malawi. Through this new venture CCCC churches will have a powerful opportunity to be agents of light and transformation not only in the heartland of Africa, but here at home. TOGETHER, we can:

Empower village churches in rural Africa. By providing pastors and church leaders with leadership development, basic theology, and the tools to lead their communities forward, they will become catalysts of change, resulting in strengthened churches and thriving communities.

Empower women and girls. We can help bring an end to child marriage, keep girls in school, fight domestic violence, strengthen marriages, and provide vocational opportunities. All anchored in the hope of the gospel message.

Provide opportunities for those in our own churches to experience and engage in God’s redemptive work on the ground in Malawi. This can be life changing and the spark that ignites greater faith by opening our eyes to what is most important in life.

Our partnership makes it easy for churches of every size to participate without tapping church resources, and there are various levels of involvement. Let’s see what God will do as we come together corporately and individually. We can change the world, your church can change the world, you can change the world. We have an important role to serve some of the world’s most vulnerable people as we put into practice our guiding value of healthy churches­— not just in our country but around the world. This Thanksgiving [and Christmas] we, the CCCC, are sponsoring women and girls in one of the poorest countries in the world. Our churches and members can join together to make a real, eternal difference.

“It’s something I can do, it’s something we can do… Will you join us?”

For more information about sponsorship and resources for your church visit: http://www.y-malawi.org/cccc/

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