Sharing Resources with New Churches

Jonathan Romig, Pastor, Cornerstone Congregational Church

A new initiative to help church plants and re-starts with resources you already have in place.


Have you ever spent hours and hours creating a policy or resource from scratch only to find out that another church already took the time to create that same document, and their version is better? Let’s stop wasting our time and start pooling our resources.

The CCCC is pleased to introduce the “CCCC Resource Sharing” Dropbox folder. This is a Dropbox folder we have created using the cloud to share policies, procedures, applications, forms, and other helpful resources with each other, all for free.

How can I join?

Email with your request to join today! You will need to create a free Dropbox account with the email you send us so that we can add you to the folder. We’ll add you and you’ll be all set.

How can my church use this resource?

You’re free to go through the folders, find helpful resources, and make copies of them to use and adapt. 


1. Please make sure you don’t edit the original resources or documents in the file, but that you make a copy to use outside of our dropbox folder.

2. Please make sure that you remove references to the church that uploaded it from the document. For example, if it’s “First Church’s Child Protection Policy” it should now say “[Your church’s name] Child Protection Policy. This does not mean you can’t reference or thank the original resource in some part of your new policy.

How can I share what I have to offer with everyone?

Please attach and email your resources to

1. Please send your attachment as both a Word Document and a PDF. Please don’t just send it as a PDF unless that’s the only format you have it in.

2. Please make sure the document is yours to share. It cannot be something you purchased as a resource. So please make sure it’s copyright free and something you are willing and allowed to share before sending it to us.

3. Tell other CCCC churches about this resource!

That’s it! We hope this resource is a blessing to you and your church. Please let us know if you have any questions or need help by emailing:

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