AG Focused Seminars

Susan Moody, AG Planning Committee

A new event on the Annual Gathering schedule to help you maximize your time at St Thomas

Easter is in our rear-view mirrors, Mother’s Day and graduation ceremonies are looming and the 2019 Annual Gathering is approaching faster than we can imagine! Just 75 days until we gather in St. Paul, MN for a wonderful time of worship, fellowship, and learning.

The Annual Gathering Planning Committee works each year to maintain our beloved traditions while also adding new features to the AG schedule. And this year is no exception! Corporate worship and workshops, an open evening for enjoying life-on-life,  and ice cream after our opening evening service are all popular items that will be on the schedule once more. 

New to the roster this year will be a feature we are calling “Focused Seminars.” When the committee looked at the airline schedules for MN, we realized that attendees from both coasts would need to arrive earlier than usual to make the timing work. That meant Tuesday afternoon was open for some programming and we decided to add an opportunity for learning and growth!

The Focused Seminars will run for two hours each. There will be 3 or 4 different topics offered, but each one will be offered twice, so participants can attend two of the four. These Focused Seminars will be offered on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon (all seminars offered both days), and are part of what is paid for with the regular conference fee. 

These will be great opportunities to hear from some experts. Confirmed at the time of publication:

  • Marcia Horstmann and Matt Milligan will co-present a seminar on finding healing for past hurts which we have buried, so they won’t interrupt the ministry God has called us to pursue. 
  • Dr. Justin Irving (Bethel Seminary faculty) will present on servant leadership, based on his soon-to-be-released book “LEADERSHIP IN  CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE: Biblical Foundations and Contemporary  Practices for Servant Leaders.” 
  • Dr. Jeanine Parolini (Bethel Seminary faculty) will offer a seminar on confronting our own personal biases and then leading our churches in a cross-culturally sensitive way. 

Stay tuned to later editions of the Foresee for titles, descriptions, and more information. But start planning now to arrive in MN in time to get to the first Focused Seminar at 2 pm on Tuesday, July 9th. Annual Gathering Registration will open at 10 am, and our opening evening session will start at 6 pm. 

We look forward to learning with you at our Focused Seminars!

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