Internationals Gather at WECF Triennial in Wales

Conference Minister, Ron Hamilton, and his wife, Shirley, attended the 12th Triennial meeting of the World Evangelical Congregational Fellowship (WECF) on May 27 – 31, 2019 in Wales, Great Britain. The theme for the gathering was “Our Perfect Savior” with Rev. Philip Swann at the keynote speaker. Ron also shared a message to help develop the theme.

The history of the WECF goes back to the 35th Annual Gathering of the CCCC in 1983.  Regular meetings have been held since that time. The WECF consists of likeminded fellowships from 18 nations. These fellowships represent approximately 1,800 congregations, mission points and outreaches. Attendees from Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Manipur India, Myanmar, Northern Ireland, the Philippines, and South Africa met together at the 2019 gathering.

The purpose of the Fellowship is:

To promote fellowship and cooperative endeavor in the faith, polity and work of evangelical Congregational associations and churches throughout the world.

To preserve the historic Congregational commitment to the Lordship of Christ and the infallibility of His Word, and

To present to the world a witness to our oneness in Christ as evangelical Congregationalists.

The group holds triennial meetings in different locations. It also has mid-term meetings in nations that are not able to host the larger gatherings. The CCCC hosted the last triennial meeting in conjunction in February 2016. The next triennial meeting will be held in the Philippines in 2021, with a mid-term meeting planned for Bulgaria in 2020.

While most of the group attending came from the United Kingdom, the meetings provided a special time of fellowship for representatives of WECF members from around the world.   Many participated in group outings in the afternoon to visit different parts of Wales.  Each participating group presented an update report on the ministry of their fellowship.  The presentations were followed by a time of prayer for each fellowship.

While in the UK, Ron also spoke at two Sunday services at the Hayes Town Chapel in London on May 26th. This is an active church in the western part of London near Heathrow International Fellowship. The church is multicultural and has an effective ministry in this part of the city.

Annual Gathering Workshop/Seminars Topics
Angels and Endurance