News from the West Region


During my initial six weeks as Regional Pastor for the Western USA, I have had face-to-face time with pastors and congregations in TX, MT, ID, WA, and CA. As one might expect, in each setting some things are going very well and others need improvement. One of my prayers for myself as I meet with people is that every interaction will be a “living water” response. May Jesus’ promise be a reality: “Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water,” (John 7:38).

I am asking Jesus to help me stay in step with the Spirit as we continue the good work of encouraging pastors and congregations in the west.

When my wife, Teri and I were in Washington we met with several wonderful people including Jerry. He shared with me a statement that he helped craft several years ago which, in my mind, summarizes one of the key roles of regional pastors. I paraphrase it slightly:

“To engage in face-to-face conversations with pastors, their wives, and congregations, prayerfully and intentionally listening to their hearts.”

First, listen to hearts; then, respond with grace and truth. May Jesus help us do this well.

My travels this month (November) will include face-to-face conversations with pastors and churches in CO, NE, and CA.

Please keep all CCCC pastors and churches in your prayers. Many good things are happening and there are also challenges. Through it all our desire is to grow in our love Jesus, love one another, and make disciples.

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