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World Evangelical Congregational Fellowship (WECF)  President, Mike Plant recounts his experience from a recent trip to Portugal:

“…The fellowship was really encouraging and I felt we had learned so much about the Portuguese churches and the challenges faced by them. We took part in a Missions Conference, but one thing was lacking … the churches had been advised not to hold services due to the coronavirus, so we were not able to worship with God’s people.

“How do we handle what is happening in the world at the moment? Some truths to remember:

Throughout our lives, God works in all things, (Rom. 8:28) both those that feel good and those that feel bad to make us like his Son and ultimately, at his appearance (1 John 3:2), ‘we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is.’

“…Maybe the effects of the coronavirus will be to turn some at least to seeking God. Maybe Christians will be spurred on and revitalized by the urgency of the situation.”*

*Excerpt from the April 2020 Issue of Our Congregational World,  the WECF newsletter. Click here to read more go to

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