Church Development Webinar Intensive


On Thursday, September 10th, Dave Eisley and I had the distinct privilege to meet with several folks from around the country to lead our 2020 Church Development Intensive – an overview of our Church Development process and the first step for those who want to engage it. With COVID19 rearranging all of our Annual Gathering Plans, we opted to wait until school started and then offer this year’s intensive as a webinar. We had to completely reformat everything for a web experience – but it was worth it!

This year we anticipated we would have a much smaller group than we do with on-site gatherings. We were wrong! We planned everything in hopes of having a dozen participants but, with some local churches hosting webinar gatherings, we had nearly 40! The interaction was better than we could have hoped, and the feedback has been wonderful – a web presentation did not diminish the experience at all.

With the Church Development Team’s plan to begin using our new online training platform this fall, this is the first group that has engaged with it. Some have already indicated their plans to continue the process– others will meet among their individual churches to make a decision about continuing. But with the overview of assessment, disciple making, leader development, intercession and more, they have a good idea of what they will be joining. We could not be more pleased. Our team is ready, and now, so are several congregations!

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