Theology 604


Dr. Todd Mangum, Clemens Professor of Missional Theology at Missio Seminary, stood before us. In his first live, in person class after 8 months of “Zooming,” he enthusiastically began to deliver his lectures in Systematic Theology to about 15 participants. Our primary text was the Bible and our secondary was Millard Erickson’s Systematic Theology (2nd Edition). Dr. Mangum’s enthusiasm for the topic was evidenced throughout 24 hours of lectures taught across five days. His thoughtful presentation served to undergird the more challenging concepts and it brought greater clarity when needed. Some students took the opportunity to gain two Masters level credits by reading a minimum of 500 pages in Erickson, attending and actively participating in class and finally by writing a 10-25 page ordination styled paper to be graded. Others attended solely for purposes of enrichment.

The students came from all walks of life. Some were solo pastors, some were licensed or ordained, some were seeking licensure, some were lay people. Several participants already held CCCC credentials. All would affirm that the time they spent away from their normal routine was well spent. One pastor came from as far away as Iowa, most others haled from New York and Pennsylvania.

We are thankful that Rev. Dr. David McKinley, CCCC Board Member and Sr. Pastor at Central Schwenkfelder Church in Lansdale PA, arranged the use of his church for the class. We met in a spacious room that was well equipped for teaching. In this Covid-19 “culture” tables were arranged for correct social distancing. Participants wore masks and took precautions when engaging together in conversation during breaks. Three people engaged with the class via Zoom.

In addition, we are grateful for Rev. Dr. Drake Williams, member of the CCCC Credentials Committee and pastoral staff of Central Schwenkfelder Church, who persevered in the planning and implementation of this rescheduled first session. Dr. Williams sincerely hopes this endeavor will become a series. Working with Rev. Tim Dubeau, CCCC Mideast Regional Pastor, Dr. Williams is formulating ideas for upcoming sessions. While too early to state specifics, our desire is to build momentum through offering relevant topics benefiting all who participate. And to be sure, Dr. Williams will work to ensure that academic credit will be available for those who desire it in all future offerings. A special treat came on Thursday afternoon when Dr. Williams hosted a class tour to the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center.

When details of the next session are announced, we strongly encourage your participation. You won’t regret having done so.

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