Treasurer’s Update


We have all experienced unprecedented times in 2020.  However, God is faithful— all the time!

As He always has, God truly blessed our Conference this past year. Through the faithful giving of our churches, pastors, and lay persons, our year-end revenue, including interest and grants, surpassed our 2020 budget goal of $500,000.00. 2020 year-end revenue totaled $557,985.00.  All glory and praise be to God!

These gifts enable us to continue the CCCC Way of Life as we “love God…love others…as we go, make disciples” and develop our ministry priorities of Church Development, Church Multiplication and Conference Care.

We are grateful that our general expenses tracked below budget. However, total expenses were up with the addition of three new Regional Pastors after the 2020 budget was approved. The Regional Pastors have followed God’s leading and Word in connecting with our pastors and churches in their regions, bringing us all closer to our Conference and the mission of the CCCC. These pastors work with our Conference Minister and Ministry Directors in resourcing our churches and pastors in ways that we have not been able to do in the past. We are grateful for all they do.

I would like to thank the Finance Committee for their continued oversight of our finances according to God’s leading and will. The Stewardship Committee has also done a wonderful job in reaching out to our churches to explain our mission needs.

By God’s grace and provision, we anticipate a great year of ministry in 2021.

Available Financial Assistance Underutilized
The Blessing of Generosity