Turning Point in Mantorville

A Story of Hope in Transition and Replanting

The First Congregational Church of Mantorville, MN (FCCM) is about to enter a new phase of ministry. The congregation will sign a Turning Point covenant with the CCCC preparing the church for a replanted ministry. This is the culmination of discussions that began two years ago. The church membership is aging; attendance and giving decreasing, so church leaders knew that something had to change. They engaged in an evaluation process with the CCCC.

The first step involved a study by a trained interventionist. Rev. Jeff Griffith conducted the study and concluded that there is great potential for ministry in this community. In reflecting on the process, he said,

…Mantorville is one of those golden ministry opportunities that does not come across one’s path every day. First Congregational Church is a small, but healthy congregation with a good name in a town and school district that sees it as a strategic partner. God’s plans for using the church to make disciples are far from over!

The Upper Midwest Congregational Fellowship (UMCF) has agreed to join in supporting the replant project. UMCF Moderator, Ron Stewart says,

The UMCF has a history of supporting church plants … The decision to assist was easy, especially as we see the commitment level of God’s people in Mantorville to work in cooperation with the CCCC Turning Point Team.

Interim Pastor, David Benson, contacted the leadership of the Conference when he began his ministry last year. He was aware of the relationship that the church had with the CCCC and wanted to follow up on the work that had been done by their former pastor, Brian Egelston. Rev. Benson says,

FCCM needed assistance in restarting the vision to go and make disciples in the name of our Lord Jesus. After being asked, The CCCC [assisted] through the Turning Point initiative: prayer, direction, encouragement, resources, people, and a hope for the future. It has been a joy to see the quality of support the Lord has provided through Turning Point initiative.

The Conference has developed a plan to assist the church after the covenant is signed. The CCCC will provide advisory leadership to the Board through the process. The church membership will receive training in Intercessory Prayer, Biblical Peacemaking, and Disciple Making: Key to Developing Your Church. The Church Multiplication team will identify a replant pastor and present the candidate to the church.

Please join the leadership of the CCCC in praying for the Turning Point effort in Mantorville.

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