Bless Your Pastor


“Nevertheless, the one who receives instruction in the word should share all good things with their instructor.”
Galatians 6:6

The last year and a half has been stressful on every one, your pastor included. New ways of communicating, new technologies to be mastered, figuring out how to reach out to parishioners who are scared to let you in the door. I know it has taken its toll. That’s why I am asking all CCCC churches to seriously consider what they are going to do when Pastor Appreciation Sunday comes around on October 10, 2021. 

I know that for some churches this may be a new concept, but it is an idea that has been around formally for several decades and biblically, all the way back to the New Testament as we see in Galatians 6:6. 

This year, through our association with the National Association of Evangelicals, we can offer to you the resources of the Bless Your Pastor campaign. It starts with a pamphlet called “50 Creative Ways to Bless Your Pastor” which contains many creative ideas of ways to help and encourage your pastor and his family that go beyond a monetary gift. 

Also available from the NAE Bless Your Pastor initiative is a matching gift for first time participating churches who collect an offering of at least $100. The pastors of these churches will receive a $100 Amazon card from the NAE in addition to the offering from the local body. This is a great opportunity! 

Please go to to find out more and show your Pastor your love and appreciation this October. 

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