CCCC Chaplains Conduct Online Conference


CCCC member chaplains recently connected to receive training equipping them in their vocational calling as chaplains. Military, police, hospital, hospice chaplains and those training for chaplaincy spent time praying for one another. 

After receiving greetings from Conference Minister Ron Hamilton and President Alvin Helms, attendees received instruction from Ken Sande, author of the book The Peacemaker. Ken presented on “Chaplains Training Their Organizations in Relational Wisdom.” Ken is the President of Relational Wisdom 360, a gospel centered model of emotional intelligence.

The second presenter was Michael Berry the General Counsel for First Liberty, a law firm that defends our religious rights. First Liberty is the premier firm defending the rights of service members. Michael presented the topic “Freedom of Religious Expression for Chaplains and People of Faith Within Military and Secular Institutions.” Michael is also a Staff Judge Advocate (Lawyer) in the Marine Corps Reserve.

Next, Chaplain (Brigadier General) Retired James Spivey presented a paper titled, “A Pastoral Perspective of the First Amendment.” Dr. Spivey is a former Deputy Chief of Chaplains for Reserve Affairs and former professor at Southwestern Baptist Seminary. He serves as the Deputy Director of the Marsh Center for Chaplain Studies at the B.H. Carroll Theological Institute.

Finally, Marc Gauthier, our CCCC Chaplaincy Endorser gave a presentation titled, “Off Road Disciplines: Devotional Rhythms and Practices.” The focus of this training was soul care for the caregivers, taking a look at the practices of sabbath and solitude as well as Lectio Divina [an ancient method of praying with Scripture, based on the belief that Christ is truly present in Scripture and that the reading of Scripture allows God to speak to us]. Marc also spoke about understanding the unique ways our temperament influences how we best connect with and receive God’s grace, love, and presence.

If you are interested in viewing the recording of the conference or desiring to review the products presented, contact Marc Gauthier at marc.s.gauthier 

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