The Warm Heart of Africa



God is on the move in Malawi! My wife, Amy and I, were privileged to spend 2 weeks in Malawi with Larry and Teressa Hall of Y-Malawi? at the end of May. We visited so many villages where we were greeted and accepted in the most lovely manner. There is a reason why Malawi is called the “warm heart of Africa.”

As things are beginning to open up, we want to “encourage and stimulate missionary interests in the local churches” by hosting our original Pastor’s Vision trip to Malawi (which was canceled due to the pandemic). Pastors, we want to encourage you, your spouse and those you do ministry with, to join this 9 day mission trip to Malawi. The dates are June 14-22, 2022. Also note this trip is not a “come and build” mission trip. This is a “come and see what the Lord is doing.” We get to reap where we did not sow! You will come back encouraged, rested, and longing for more of God.   

The Missions Committee of the CCCC exists to “encourage and stimulate missionary interests in the local churches” of the Conference. And like everyone else, we struggled to do this in the midst of the pandemic with mandates and shelter-at-home orders restricting our activities. However, the Missions Committee continues to offer a scholarship of up to $1,500 to any eligible pastor traveling to an overseas ministry. This is offered in hopes that CCCC pastors will increase their vision for a mission-minded ministry and encourage their church in missional activities.  

When you go— we sincerely hope you will consider participating in this wonderful opportunity— you will see first hand the movement of the Spirit of God in Malawi. As we went, we met with Muslims who came to faith in Christ at great personal cost to themselves. We saw Christians receiving Bibles for the first time and witnessed their joy in receiving God’s Word. We heard testimonies of marriages restored and met couples who were saved through Bible studies. We visited whole villages that were saved! You will meet pastors who walk 13 miles round trip in order to bring the Word of God to starving souls. And by this time next year, there will be a church planted in an all Muslim community with the blessing of the local Imam. 

For now take a step of faith and plan to go. In the intermediate time, visit the CCCC page for an idea of what to expect, and we look forward to assisting you with $1500 of the cost! You can contact me personally (218.343.9990 or and I would love to share with you my experience. 

Come to Malawi in 2022!

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