Titus Coan, Apostle to the Sandwich Islands

After 12 years of researching, writing and editing, CCCC pastor Phil Corr has published a missionary biography about Titus Coan.  In this book Phil Corr provides a tour de force by writing for both the biography reader and the scholar. In this hybrid work he vividly portrays the life of Titus Coan, “the pen painter,” while also filling gaps in the scholarship. These gaps include: the volume itself (no full-length published book has previously been written on Titus Coan) and the following chapters—“Patagonia,” “Peace,” and “Other Religions.” Using the unpublished thesis by Margaret Ehlke and many other primary and secondary sources, he significantly deepens the understanding of Coan in many areas. This book is presented to the future reader for the purposes of edification and increasing the scholarship of this man who lived an incredible life during incredible times.

Here is what a direct descendant of Titus Coan–Ed Coan–has to say about the book:  “This book opened my eyes to Titus’ remarkable life as a cofounder of Hawaiian evangelism in the native environment of the mid-nineteenth century. Corr brilliantly interweaves disparate source materials to illuminate Titus’ enthusiasm and intense devotion to the Hawaiian community through his commitment to the evangelical mission, and its profound effect on those he served. One can’t help but find it uplifting and illuminating.”

If you are interested in buying a copy please email Phil at dphilcorr@yahoo.com.

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