Pastoring Pastors


In 2000, at the 53rd CCCC Annual Gathering in Green Lake Wisconsin, the Conference commissioned Carlton Walker as the first Regional Minister serving in the New England section of the country. With the funding not secured for the long term, the Conference stepped out in faith to make this appointment. The Lord has blessed that appointment for the last 19 years with Carlton Walker serving for the first seven years and myself serving the last twelve.

Having someone to represent the Conference in a particular region, to encourage the health and strength of the CCCC churches and pastors, to encourage renewal and multiplication and to come alongside with Conference Care has proved to be a tremendous blessing for our Conference. We have recently change the title of the position from Regional Minister to Regional Pastor as that better reflects the Conference structure and the nature of the position.

The Regional Pastor is available to join in celebrations and to stand beside during troubles. They represent the Conference as ambassadors. They are a conduit for our churches and pastors to the leadership and protocols of the denomination. But best of all they can be a pastor to the pastors who serve God together in this denomination.

When I began this position, I was standing on the work that Carlton Walker had done before me. Doors were opened and introductions were made for me, but it still took time to get acquainted with my churches and pastors. It was an intentional development of mutual relationships. Now I am at the top of the list for folks to call when they have a need. It is a privilege to serve in this way.

However, this level of connectivity was only available to the New England states and a part of New York. The need for regional pastors in other regions continued to be great. After much prayer and planning, at this year’s Annual Gathering, the Conference has again stepped out in faith by appointing three additional Regional Pastors to serve across the country.

When Cliff Christiansen, serving in the North Central region retired, I was again the lone Regional Pastor. I rejoice as that is no longer true. All four Regional Pastors along with the Director of Conference Care, Peter Wood now comprise the Conference Care Committee. We recently had our first official meeting to strategize how we may best serve God and our Conference.

It is a tremendous blessing to serve alongside these godly men and to know that together we can be of great service to the Lord, our fellow pastors and our churches. I pray that the newly appointed Regional Pastors will be as blessed by God as I have been as I have served in the Northeast Region.

We Are Excited About God’s Work Among Us And Through Us…
Regional Ministry Across the Nation