Pressures Pastors are Facing


A blog posting by John Dobbs has been circulating through the Internet about “The Coming Pastoral Crash.” ( ) It is an excellent article that speaks to many real pressures that pastors are facing in this time of quarantine. I have been in contact with many pastors who are deep in depression and feel they are failing.

The limitations of not being able to see people face to face are draining even in the age of Zoom. There is no touch, no real intimacy. With a live congregation you can see how the message is coming across; a camera only stares at you. Trying to minister through technology is new, different, and inadequate. Add to this the financial pressures that a church may be going through or the pastor’s own family if a spouse may be furloughed or for the bi-vocational pastor if they are furloughed. The pressures are huge not to mention the dawning pressures of when and how to safely “open up.”

What are we to do? First and foremost, pray for our pastors, pray for your pastor. Too many pastors already suffered under the false belief that they should never express weakness or doubt and too many congregations expect that as well. Pray for them!

Second, fellow pastors reach out to each other. Look out for each other and remember you can only give out what the Holy Spirit is pouring into your heart so take special care of yourself. Take that extra time!

Bryan Long Appointed Director of Church Multiplication
Serving Response