2020 Year End Cornerstone Corps Project

“Renewing our Vision and Our Building for the Lord”

Orthodox Congregational Church in Lanesville Gloucester, MA

The Church Development Committee recently met with Pastor Peter Aberle and representatives of the Orthodox Congregational Church’s leadership who shared how the Lord has worked in this historic church as they demonstrate God’s love in their community through outreach ministries and the use of the Parish Hall.

Over the past several years, the maintenance needs of the aging church sanctuary building (built in 1830) have multiplied. The church was led to move forward with repairs to infrastructure and the building’s exterior. We rejoice with our brothers and sisters in Lanesville at the Lord’s provision of $367,000 of the estimated $500,000 needed for the work.

Encouraged by God’s provision and the ongoing faithfulness of the Lanesville Church family, we commend this project to the CCCC family so that we can come alongside them and add to the resources that God is providing for this project.

To make a donation mail your check to the CCCC Home office or go to: www.ccccusa.com/giving and mark your contribution “Cornerstone Corp” in the drop down menu next to the heading, “Apply this gift to.”

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