Out of the Shadows

MAX VAGUE, Micronesia Ministries Committee Chair

Many ministries have encountered difficulties during this time of Covid restrictions. Yet we serve a God who is not intimidated by such challenges as He knew about them before the foundations of the world. Some ministries have slid into the shadows and need to find their way back into the light.

Over the years the Lord has been working in the shadows among Micronesians through the CCCC Micronesia Ministry Committee and Morning Star Institute by providing church leadership training classes to churches on the islands and increasingly in continental USA.  About two years ago, a decision was made with our partner, Kohne Ramon in Pohnpei, that he would focus on teaching classes on the islands, and Morning Star personnel serving out of Carlsbad Community Church would focus on teaching churches in Hawaii and continental USA. In 2020, 13 weeks of classes were scheduled but only two transpired.

As things began opening up in 2021, new classes were scheduled with the first two being successfully conducted in Killeen, TX and Fort Oglethorpe, GA. At the beginning of those classes the CCCC was aware of about 12 communities of Micronesians living on the continent. By the time those two weeks ended, that number would increase to over 20 with most of them located in the Midwest. Several of these communities do not have a church but are desiring to form one. Most of the others have requested leadership training courses but there are not enough teachers to lead them. There is also an increased desire for coaching of church leaders between weeks of training and help with church development.

This has opened up opportunities for cross-cultural ministry in our own backyard for which there are too few laborers. If ever there was a time for the CCCC Micronesia Ministry to come out of the shadows and into the light it is now! Would you pray with us for more laborers among Micronesian communities in the USA? Would you prayerfully consider serving with us as we help Micronesians come out of the shadows and into the light of God’s Son?

For more information contact me, Max Vague at 760-277-5289 or mavague@cox.net.

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