Leading Your Church to Loving God, Loving Others and Making Disciples


I feel confident in my ability to walk faithfully through the steps to examine, test, and confirm my faith and God’s calling on my life. However, I admit sometimes feeling less confident expanding that process into the larger context of pastoring a church. I know what the Bible says to do, but what does it look like to lead a congregation through this process? 

We all recognize the need for the church’s light to grow. Maybe we even stepped out in faith. But too often we stop because we get lost or something more pressing comes along. Still, my desire remains the same to help others be the light of Christ through their own profound love for God, for people and for introducing others to this love.

That’s why I’m so excited about our church’s partnership with the CCCC Church Development Process. It isn’t a book or prepackaged program, but a discipleship journey tailored to our specific context equipping me the pastor, our leaders and the congregation with the biblical and practical steps to become a church that is known for loving God, loving people and making disciples.

If you see the need for growth in your church, then I encourage you to participate in the next Church Development Intensive, Making Disciples: Key to Developing Your Church. You will find a team of godly individuals devoted to helping pastors and local congregations discover for themselves the church God has called them to be.

Contact the John Kimball, Director of Church Development  (pjkimball@ccccusa.com) or the Home Office for more information and to learn when the next intensive is scheduled.

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