Walk with a Village in Malawi

Jeremy Skaggs, CCCC Missions Committee Chair, Larry Hall, Y-Malawi Project Director

The CCCC is launching something new this month. Something that to our knowledge has never been done before. The idea is simple. It is based on the words of Paul in Romans 1:12. In this text Paul wrote that he longed to come together, because when we come together we make each other strong and encourage each other’s faith.

God is doing incredible things in Malawi, Africa. He is changing lives, especially in Muslim villages. He is using village churches who are reaching out to their communities and showing them the love of Jesus. God is at work and changing lives in our churches too. What would happen if we could bring the two together?

That’s the idea behind Walk with a Village Church in Malawi. This isn’t just about carrying out the Great Commission, it’s about awakening the church in America. It doesn’t matter if your church is big or small. This awakening will happen in your congregation when you learn how God used your partnership with a village church in Malawi as a tool to reap the spiritual harvest. After all, if God is moving in Malawi, why not in your village?

Look for a mailing with more details that will be coming soon to your church.

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