Board of Directors Update

Rev. Alvin Helms, CCCC Board of Directors President

It was great to have a face-to-face meeting of the CCCC Board of Directors at the recent Annual Gathering in Rhode Island. The Board of Directors consists of twelve at-large members from all over the United States along with the Executive Officers. The Board meets four times each year to pray, plan and work together on the ministry priorities of the Conference. Two of those meetings are online using Zoom technology. The other two are held in Orlando and wherever the Annual Gathering is located each year. The Board is in regular communication with the Conference Minister and all the CCCC staff to ensure that the Conference
is moving forward with the opportunities that God in His providence sets before us to be fruitful in His Kingdom.

During our recent meetings it was a great joy to hear all the work that is being accomplished by our dedicated staff, regional pastors and volunteer ministry leaders. Please be sure and read the reports that were part of the Annual Gathering packet. We continue to be encouraged as we see the financial resources that have come our way through the blessing of God, reflecting the diligent work of our CCCC staff and leaders. We have a good staff and team of leaders who work well together with a desire to see God’s name glorified and His Kingdom extended through our work together as a Conference of Christ-Centered  congregationalists.

The shared life of the Board is experienced as we prayerfully seek to discern the opportunities that God is placing before the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference these days. As many different opportunities come our way, we try to honestly assess several important questions for a given opportunity. First, does this opportunity fit our mission, values and priorities? Second, does this opportunity match the gifts and talents that God has given to the current leaders of the CCCC? Finally, even though this might be a good opportunity, do we currently have the needed resources of time, talent and finances to move forward in pursuing this opportunity. The Board has found these important guidelines to help us moveforward together in a God-directed way. Please keep the Board of the CCCC and the staff in
your prayers. We are all better together and depend on your prayers and support in these challenging times.

All the best to you wherever God has called you to serve. Please feel free to contact me or any board member with any questions or concerns you may have about the work of the Conference. Also, please get to know your regional pastor and connect with him to stay up to date on what is happening in the Conference. There is a place for you to get involved with ministry in our beloved Conference and our regional pastors, area pastors, and community pastors are there to help you be fruitful in the ministry where God has placed you to serve Him.

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