Kingdom Ambassadors

Rev. Susan Moody

The 2022 Annual Gathering was a whirlwind of a week in Warwick, RI, with powerful worship, challenging preaching, thought-provoking workshops, and sweet fellowship. I stayed an extra night to rest before heading off. Friday evening, I went to the main desk to see my favorite desk attendant, Jon. I thanked him for all the help they had given us, rating the hotel as one of the best facilities we’ve used.

Jon received my compliments graciously, saying that the CCCC is one of the best groups he had ever worked with, and that other staff members agreed. When one of the desk clerks realized that Friday was our last day, she expressed true sadness, saying she would miss the “4C Vibe.”

“The 4C Vibe” is the way the staff described the atmosphere of humility, grace and love they felt in our presence. They noticed we treated them differently. They noticed the Holy Spirit in us. They felt the presence of Christ among us and were saddened at the thought that that “vibe” was leaving with us.

Jon, a fellow believer, told them they could still have it, even after we left. He plans to continue to remind them of the way the 4C Vibe made them feel, using those opportunities to talk about the difference Jesus can make in their hearts and lives too.

My tired heart was greatly encouraged when I heard this. But it was also challenged to realize anew that the world is watching. When they see the Church authentically living out the love of Jesus, they notice. They may not know what to call it, but they want that “4C Vibe” for themselves. We were faithful representatives of the Kingdom in Warwick. Let’s be Kingdom ambassadors everywhere!

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